Breaker Bay Data Pack Announced

Breaker Bay Data Pack Announced

Breaker Bay Data Pack Box - Android NetrunnerBreaker Bay, the second Data Pack from the SanSan Cycle, has been announced for Android Netrunner. Breaker Bay has some potentially meta-changing cards in it, and the teasers we’ve been given are all pointing towards a runner-bias. But let’s face it, the runner could definitely use some help.

If you haven’t already noticed, the SanSan Cycle’s Data Packs are going to be coming in a plastic box, instead of the traditional cardboard box that we’re all used to(Still bummed about this, FFG), but I digress. Let’s get to the cards.

Hayley Kaplan - Shaper Identity - Android NetrunnerHayley Kaplan, Universal Scholar, is a new Shaper Identity included in Breaker Bay. Her ability seems to work into a Replicator deck perfectly.

Breaker Bay Data Pack - Android NetrunnerHayley and her Shaper friends are also given a new Console piece of Hardware called Comet. Slightly punny, but hey, we’re not complaining. In addition to the +1 Memory that Comet gives you, the first time you play an event each turn, you may play another event(without spending a click), after the first one resolves.

Game Day - Shaper Event - Android NetrunnerRounding off the teased Shaper cards, is Game Day, a Double Event that allows you to draw up to your maximum hand size, as long as your current grip has fewer cards than your maximum hand size. Pair this with the new Neutral Resource, Beach Party - Neutral Resource - Android NetrunnerBeach Party, and you could potentially be drawing 10 cards in 2 clicks.




Read the official announcement over at Fantasy Flight Games’ Website:


Fantasy Flight Games Announces Age of War

Fantasy Flight Games Announces Age of War

Fantasy Flight Games has announce a new 2 to 6 player dice game, called Age of War. It’s said to be fast-paced, and set in a feudal Japan. The well-known Reiner Knizia is the designer behind Age of War.

Excerpt from

In this game, you and your fellow players take on the roles of rival daimyos, competing to vanquish your opponents and unite all of Japan under one banner. To unite the clans, you must conquer their castles and secure their loyalty, but the other daimyos are mustering armies as well. Will you gain renown with every victory, or become just another forgotten warlord? Find out in Age of War!

More information on Age of War can be found on the Fantasy Flight Games Website.



From Joel: “I’m a huge fan of both FFG and Dice Games in general. Excited to grab a copy of this!”

Android Netrunner Honor and Profit Spoilers

Android Netrunner Honor and Profit Spoilers

Fantasy Flight Games has released information on the Honor and Profit Expansion, including 3 new Jinteki ID’s which greatly expand Jinteki’s current Identities.

Harmony Medtech - Jinteki Identity - Android Netrunner

Harmony Medtech (Biomedical Pioneer) 40/12

Each player needs 1 fewer agenda point to win the game.



Tennin Institute (The Secrets Within) 45/15

When your turn begins, you may place 1 advancement token on a card if the Runner did not make a successful run during his or her last turn.



Nisei Division (The Next Generation) 45/15

Whenever you and the Runner reveal secretly spent credits, gain 1 credit.


More news/spoilers will be added as we learn of them.