Rampage First Impressions

Rampage First Impressions

So, Rampage came in the mail today. I was pretty excited, because who doesn’t get excited about getting a new game in the mail? After reading a lot of people’s opinions on the game, online, I was kind of worried that it wouldn’t be that great. Now that I actually own it myself, and I’ve played it, I must say, I’m pretty darn impressed. It was designed EXTREMELY well, and I don’t just mean gameplay-wise. The attention to detail, in what seemed like insignificant parts of the game, is astounding. Every little piece was given great thought.

Rampage Board, set up and ready to play!

Enough fluff, let’s talk about actual gameplay. It’s not a hardcore strategy game by any stretch of the imagination. You are literally flicking, dropping and blowing pieces all over the board, in order to score points. Yes, that sounds extremely silly, but it truly is a ton of fun. You score points by eating the different colored meeples, eating the floor layers, and eating other players’ teeth. You eat the meeples and floors by knocking them off of the built towers and then having your monster be sitting in the same “neighborhood” as them at the end of your turn. The other players’ teeth, you eat by knocking over their monster, so it’s no longer standing upright. The towers are built out of layers of meeples holding up cardboard “floors”. You are dealt some “Power Cards” that give you special abilities, but for the most part, you have a choice of 2 actions, out of 4 possible actions, each turn. I won’t delve into completely explaining the rules right now, but hopefully that gives you a little idea as to what to expect when playing Rampage.

If you’re looking to add a dexterity-style family/party game to your collection, please consider getting Rampage! You and your friends/family will love it!

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